Millcroft Poachers Moon of Victoriaview

Millcroft Poachers Moon of Victoriaview


Sam was a very special Irish Setter  04/04/2009 - 22/08/2020


He has sired many special puppies and has produced three show champions.  


We are lost without him.



2009                Liskeard & District, Best Puppy In Breed, 4th in Group.

                        Birmingham & District, 1st in puppy, Best Puppy In Breed, Reserve Best in Breed, 4th in Group.

                       Irish Setter Breeder Club, 1st in Minor Puppy.

                        Setter & Pointer Champ, 3rd in Minor Puppy.

2010                Coventry & District, 1st in Puppy, Best Puppy In Breed. A stron head but well balanced, showing good stop and soft expression.

                      Nice length to neck, flowing into topline. Deep through the chest and body. Strong hindquarters with good set on of tail

                      used to advantage on the move. - Angela Roberts

                        Irish Setter Breeder Club Champ, 1st in Special Beginner. Youngster of pleasing type and shape. Well balanced with good angles

                      fore and aft. Lovely topline and tailset. Sweet head and expression. Super coat with movement to it. Moved with style -

                      Eva Ciechonska

                       Cheltenham & District, 1st in Junior. 17 month dog in beautiful coat, nice bone pleasing outlined - Isobel Cuthill

2011                Boston & District Champ, 3rd in Yearling.

                       Irish Setter Association, 1st in Novice, Racy dog. Good head, expression. Good neck, back and tailset. Good chest, good

                      gleaming coat and good feathering. Well presented.- Wilko Jansen

                        South Of England Irish Setter Club, 3rd in Debutant

                        Midland Irish Setter Society, 2nd in Novice, 2nd in Graduate  Masculine all through with plenty of coat.  Nice head and outline,

                       strong bone.  showed well - Mrs C E Butler

                       Liskeard & District, 3rd Novice

                        South of England Irish Setter Champ, 3rd in Novice, 3rd in Undergraduate

                       Bakewell Show, 2nd Graduate


March 2012  Crufts, 1st in undergraduate

Love him his head is so soft with expression, and wonderful kind eyes , he’s just got it all ! In great coat and condition . When he moved , Oh Boy , he owned the ring . I will watch and see how his future pans out . Good Luck -

Bonnie Andrews 


2012             WELKS champ, 2nd in Graduate  Different type but of good quality. Pleasing head, good lay of shoulders and correct angulation

                    behind. In mature coat and moved soundly.  - Ms J Reed

                    National Dog Show champ, 4th in Undergraduate

                    Bath Champ, 2nd in Graduate  Another dog of good type, balance head and sweet expression, good neck to shoulders and

                    front asembly, good debth and super quarters, moved very well - Rachel Shaw-Rainey.

                    Irish Setter Assoc  Champ, 1st in Undergraduate Nice head and expression. Scored in shoulder placement  and topline. Straight

                    front. Neat feet. Hocks well let down. Good bend of stifle. Moved soundly. - Viv  Blackshaw

                    Gundog Society of Wales  Champ, 2nd in Undergraduate Preferred this dog's well chiselled head to my winner as he had better

                    finish to his muzzle & deeper stop.  His body properties were correct and in balance and he moved well.

                    - L Murray-Hogsflesh

                   South Wales Dennel Ass Champ, 2nd in Graduate Well grown male.  Possesses a typical outline and impressive stature.  Moved

                    out with style - Chris Scholfield

                    Setter & Pointer Champ, 2nd in Graduate


2013            Exeter & County Canine Society, 3rd in Graduate

                   Irish Setter Association Champ, 1st in Undergraduate Correct finish to foreface, dark eye, raised brows. Crested neck of moderate

                   length. Deep ribs, well angulated hindquarters. Good feet, moved soundly. - Magi Henderson

                   Setter & Pointer Champ, 2nd in Graduate

                   Sedgley & Gornal, 1st in Post Graduate, and BOB, short listed in group. A dog of real quality correct amount of bone and substance.

                   Masculine but the kindest of heads and expression.  Clean strong neck, going into well laid back shoulders.  Level topline

                   when standing and on move.  Powerful driving quarters and nice tight feet.  A good honest dog throughout and the best

                   mover of the day. - David Foulds

                    Irish Setter Breeder Club, 1st in Graduate Presented in good condition & good coat.  Handsome head with dark eye & quizzical

                   expression, long low eared.  No exaggerations, moved well.  A delight to see him lashing his tail so happily.

                  - Michelle Webster.

                   Stourbridge & District, 1st in Post Graduate, and BOB, 4th in group. One I judged as a youngester who has grown into a handsome

                   boy.  Presnted in good condition, very nice head, correct dark eye, raised brows, correct front and deep chest, good

                   shoulders and sloping oine.  Well muscled rear quarters which he used to his advantage on the move.  Loved his sparkling

                   irish temperament. - Diane Bain


2014           Coventry Premier Show, 1st in Post Graduate. Well constructed throughout, good straight front with sloping shoulders.  Strong

                  backline.  Pleasing head with intelligent expression.  Good drive from rear. - Jim Richardson

                  Worcester & Malvern, 2nd in Post Graduate.

                  Northwich & District, 2nd in Post Graduate.

                  Cheshire County Show, 3rd in Post Graduate.

                  South of England Irish Setter Club champ, 3rd in Post Graduate, Judge Mrs Z Thorn-Andrews (Drakesleat)

                  South Western Gundog Club, 1st in Limit, Judge Jackie Roberts (Colanme) A balanced dog of medium size, lovely dark coat.

                  Conformation was good, front and rear quarters were in hard condition. Sloping topline into qwell set tail.

                  Exonian Canine Association, 1st in Post Graduate, BOB, Judge Mr Brian Shears (Stormlyne) Just what I was looking for today.  A dog

                  that looks as though it could work as well as show, classic head, neck well laid into strong shoulders, good depth of chest,

                  hind angulation and muscletone giving a near perfect driving action around the ring.              

                 Stourbridge & District, 3rd in Post Graduate, Judge Mrs Derry (Balvenie)

                  Ashbourne & District, 3rd in Post Graduate, Judge Dorne Carr (Laumidorm)


2015          Irish Setter Association, 4th in Post Graduate, Judge Gill Cooke.

                  Windor Champ show, 2nd In Post Graduate, True sporting dog with a great outline, super topline and tailset, well proportioned  

                  so stylish on the move with a good display of open side gait.  - Judge Mr M J Gadsby 


2016       Exeter & County Canine Society, 3rd in Graduate, Judge Diane Irwin



Sam has now retired from showing, he loves nothing more than spending time running around the countryside and then taking long naps on the sofa,  We would like to thank everyone who has thought so highly of him in the show ring, We wish much luck to all his off spring for the future.


Sam's show achievements to date




D.O.B. 04/04/2009   Hips 6/7

RCD4 clear

006 sam head Sam Standing 3

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