2 weeks old

Puppy sales contract

All 'Victoriaview' Setters are sold with a sales contract. Please note we do sell our puppies with breeding and export restrictions in place. Please contact us to discuss this, any exceptions to this will be soley at our discretion.

We requre a non-refundable deposit of £100 to hold a puppy. The balance of your purchase price is then due when you collect your puppy, if paying by cheque we ask it to be clear funds before you collect.

If when purchasing an English Setter you require a particular colour please let us know when you pay your deposit. Therefore we can agree exceptions to refund the deposit.

Puppies are collected from us at eight weeks of age. Any arrangements for us to keep your puppies after eight weeks must be discussed with us and will entail a small fee for continued boarding.

Although it is impossible to predict colours in an English Setter litter. We will make every effort to provide you with your choice so please make us fully aware of any specific colourings or markings.