Pewterspeare Piano Rag of Victoriaview

Maisy was a very special English Setter 23/04/2010 - 09/07/2019


We are privileged to have her daughter Victoriaview Bluebell.

Also her grandaughter Victoriaview Primrose , and great granddaughter

Victoriaview Holly Hock.




Maisy's achievements

2010        Setter & Pointer Champ, 2nd in Minor Puppy.

               Northern English Setter Champ, 2nd in Puppy.

2011        Dukeries Gundog Club, 2nd in Puppy.

                Nuneaton & District, 2nd in Puppy.

               English Setter Champ, 2nd in Special Beginner

               Hereford & County, 1st in Graduate, Best of Breed. Pleasing head and expression. Reasonable layback of shoulder, well ribbed

               back, strong hindquaters, moved steadily - Becky Johnson

                Oxfordshire County & Thame, 1st in Junior, 1st in Novice

               Bakewell Show, 3rd in Junior

                National Gundog Champ, 1st in Maiden Nice head, good shoulders, leverl topline - Ruth Martin

               Midlands English Setter Society, 3rd in Yearling

               Ashbourne & District, 2nd in Post Graduate

2012        Worcester & Malvern, 2nd in Post Graduate

2013       Exeter & County Canine Society,  1st in Graduate, Reserve Best In Breed A good well moulded head, nice eye, good reach of

              neck, ample bone, good feet, good front and rear quarters.   coat in excellent condition. Moved well - Maureen Millbank

2014       Coventry & District, 1st in Graduate, Reserve Best in Breed

2015       Chippenham & District, 3rd in Open, judge Mrs J Howatson (Vanders)

              Southern English Setter show, 1st in Brace,  Really well matched pair of blue girls, went round the ring really well together

              3rd in Post Graduate,  judge Sarah Loakes



Maisy passed over rainbow bridge, 9th July 2019, we would like to wish her siblings a very happy and bright future.





Maisy Standing Maisy Headshot

Upperwood The Showman JW

Hips 7/4



Pewterspeare Penny Bazaar

Hips 7/12

Upperwood Winter Skye Hips 6/5


SHCH Upperwood Showgirl


SHCH Bournehouse Royal Colours Hips 7/6


Pewterspeare A Pretty Penny Hips 3/4

SHCH Upperwood Sunburnt Hips 7/6

Upperwood Spice Girl Hips 11/4

SHCH Sorbus Paper Money For Richecca Hips 4/7

Upperwood Firebird

Bournehouse Lord of Love Hips 5/7

SHCH Bournhouse Razzle Dazzle Hips 4/7

Bournehouse Hazel Nut with Pewterspeare Hips 8/8