Victoriaview Hollyhock JW




Holly's Show Achievements To Date

2018            English Setter Association, 1st in Minor Puppy, 2nd in Maiden and 2nd in Special Beginners, Judge Rebecca Goutorbe,  - well

                   bodied orange baby with everything in the right place, a nice steady mover.

                   Southern English Setter Society, 1st in Minor Puppy, 1st in Special Beginners, Judge Eric Stephenson  - just six months old

                   very pretty orange belton.  Attractive head and expression.  She is very raw at this stage but shows promise.  Good

                   front angulation and good bone.  Moved well for one so young.

                   Hampshire Gundog Society, 2nd in Puppy, Judge Suzi Roffey

                   The Vale of Glamorgan, 1st in AVNS Puppy, 3rd in Gundog Puppy Group, Judge Mr Frank Borg - Sweet feminine head and

                   expression good neck, correct topline, lovely feet, promising pup.

                   Newton Abbot & South Devon, 3rd in Post Graduate

                   City of Birmingham Champ Show, 1st in Minor Puppy, Judge Mrs Sarah Loakes - Balanced head with low set ear, dark eye.  

                   Reachy neck into reasonable shoulders.  Excellent bone and tight feet.  Strong topline.  Used her tail well on the move.

                   Richmond Champ Show, 3rd in Minor Puppy, 1st in Special Beginners, Judge Howard Stubbington. Attractive

                   lean head with enough work for age and dark expressive eyes. Good depth and shape to muzzle. Showing a well

                   balanced shape with good angulation. Well ribbed, deep chest and level topline. Nice colour and coat texture. Moved


                   Okehampton & District Show, 1st in Open, Best Of Breed, Best Puppy in Breed, Judge Rebecca Danks Kemish

                   Gundog Group 4 puppy, judge Roger Millbank.  - 7 ½ month old orange Belton bitch, ‘what a little star’ possesses a            

                   beautiful headpiece carried high with well-defined  stop, enough work yet keeping femininity ,good body with well set

                   back shoulders, deep enough in brisket and chest but she is only a baby and has so much more to come, turned out  

                   impeccably with a beautiful coat and feathering coming , she moved as if she has done this job for ever, never put a foot

                   wrong and she may have stood alone but I’m sure would of pushed hard to of been beaten today by another, and in the

                   groups she did just the same which gave her that puppy group placing, well done. BOB,BPIB,PG4

                   English Setter Society of Wales, 2nd in MInor Puppy, Judge Mrs W Johnston 8 months old, who moved well, she has a nice

                   head & kind expression

                   Midland Counties Canine Society Champ Show, Best Bitch Puppy in Breed, Judge Penny williams

                   Setter & Pointer Champ Show, Best Bitch Puppy in Breed, Judge Ellen Loynd Although stood alone deserved her place today,

                   pretty head and expression, good body and shape, good angulation straight topline with good tail carriage moved sound

                   and steady.

                   Sedgley & Gornal Canine Association, 1st in Junior, Best Puppy in Breed and Best of Breed, Judge Yvonne Hill-Decoster

                   9 month well built puppy bitch. Sweet head with a lovely expression. Strong back, well angulated in front and rear, good

                   tail set.  For 9 months she had a very good movement. That is why she was Best Puppy and BOB and was also short

                   listed in the Gundog Puppy group.

                   Coventry & district Gundog Society, 1st in Puppy, Best Puppy in Breed, Judge Joan Trigwell  Pretty orange bitch of 10 months

                   with dark eye and pleasing expression. Developing well with good outlines. Steady on the move, keeping her topline

                   which gave her this class.

                   LKA Champ show, 1st in Puppy, judge Mr Per Iversen, Feminine orange bitch who comes to her own on the move, moved

                   with a good stride. Lovely head for her age, expressive eyes, well laid shoulder, good tail carrige. In good coat. Just

                   needs a bit more experience   2nd in Special Beginners, judge Mr Gary Gray.lovely headpiece, dark eye, ears placed well,

                   strong neck into well laid shoulders, steep in upper arm, lovely straight back into well moulded

                   croup and well angulated hindquarters. She was sound both ways with a steady side gait showing good drive

2019           Boston & District Champ show, 2nd in Puppy, 2nd in Special Beginners, Judge Di Bridgwater. Nice head and expression and

                   nicely balanced throughout, good angulation

                  Worcester & Malvern show, 1st in Junior, Judge Catherine Harris She has a lovely clean head, melting expression. Super

                   length of neck, good body proportions, strong quarters. she would benefit from being moved a little slower to show off

                   her good driving movement.

                   Manchester Champ Show, 3rd in Special Beginners Stakes, Judge Pauline Luxmoore Ball

                   Midland English Setter Champ Show, 1st in Special Beginners, Judge Mrs Jill Kelly Eyecatching orange, really like this one.

                   with more confidence should do well.  Lover her head and expression.  Correct front assembly.  Well off for bone, deep

                   chest, short hocks moved with lovely tail action.

                   Coventry & Distict Show, 1st in Junior, Judge Helen Upton  an orange belton bitch, pretty head of correct head proportions,

                   clean neck, leading into well placed shoulders, correct length of body, right amount of rib for her stature, good depth of

                   brisket. Straight in foreleg, good amount to forechest and elbows close to body. Good bend of stifle and correct length

                   from hip to hock. Moved well in the class and pushed hard for best of breed.

                   1st in Brace class, judge Ray McDonald Went well together, typey pair

                   Exeter & County Canine Society, 2nd in Post Graduate, Judge Linda Clayforth  14 month bitch loved her head shape and expression.

                   Good shape, well muscled, would like to see her when she has matured

                   Windsor Gundog Society, 1st in Junior, Judge Hannah Osborne 12 months old o/b has an attractive head, dark eye and lovely

                   expression. Has a strong neck, deep chest, tucked elbows and excellent angulation. Moved with drive holding a level topline.

                   Chippenham & District Society, 1st in Graduate and Best of Breed, Judge Ms S Kurring

                   Llanelli & District Society, 2nd in Junior, Judge Mrs V Burke

                   Leominster Canine Society, 1st in AVNS Junior, Judge Mrs D Smillie-Gray Young bitch who is needing time to mature on. Good

                   head and clean front, nice depth of rib and good angulation

                   South Western Gundog Club, 1st in Junior and Reserve Best of Breed, Judge Peter Armstrong  Possessing a sweet head of correct

                   proportions, kind expression, good dark eye colour and of correct shape. Square finish to muzzle. Well set on ears. True

                   straight front, adequate depth of chest, well ribbed and having a balanced outline of good length. Adequate angulation both

                   front and rear. Moved well.

                   Birmingham & District Gundog & Terrier Club, 2nd in Junior, Judge Grahame Ridsdill

                   WELKS Championship show, 2nd in Special Beginners, Judge Teresa Watkins  on the stack she is a beautiful shape. Correct head

                   and dark eye, good angles, front and rear, level topline, in good condition

                   Marlborough & District Canine Society, 2nd in Junior, Judge Tania Gardner

                   Christchurch & New Forest show, 1st in Junior & Post Graduate, Reserve Best of Breed, Judge Ray Strudwick

                  Balanced feminine head on good reach of neck, shoulders well laid, straight forelegs, well muscled quarters, has good overall

                   balance, moved with good drive

                   Midland English Setter Society, 2nd in Junior, 1st in Special Beginners, Judge Vera Lyons  Balanced head good stop, arched neck

                   into correct shoulders deep body neat feet good tailset moved well.

                   Bath Championship Show, 1st in Special Beginners, Judge Mrs A J Day

                   Shropshire Gundog Show, 2nd in Junior, 1st in Post Graduate, Judge Rob Davidson  very flashy light orange belton, unfortunate to

                   meet the winner of the previous class today, however, there is an awful lot to like about her, a well balanced head, kind

                   expression in her dark eyes, well angulated both front and rear, good level topline and short hocks giving plenty of drive

                   around the ring. Not overburdened with coat and therefore nothing hidden!

                   Three Counties Champ Show, 3rd in Junior, Judge Frank Kane.

                   Birmingham National Champ Show, 3rd in special beginners, Judge Kathy Gorman

                   Blackpool Champ Show, 3rd in Junior, 3rd in Yearling, Judge Mr Moray Armstrong

                   East of England Open Show, 1st in Junior, Mr Peter Armstrong  Orange belton bitch. Possessing a sweet head of good

                   proportions, kind expression, nice raised brows, good dark eye colour. Square finish to muzzle. Well set on ears. True straight

                   front, good depth of chest, well ribbed. Pleasing outline. Adequate angulation both front and rear. Moved well.

                   Evesham & District Open Show, 1st in Post Graduate, Best of Breed, Judge Graham Hart  Sound girl of good type and lots of promise,

                   good shape with equal plains to head flowing nicely into arched neck to well set shoulder, top line sturdy, front assembly good,

                   rear angulation was supported by good muscle tone, feet clean and tight, moved with a strong gate away, straight and true, coat

                   in good condition and presented well.

                   West Country Dog Club, 1st in AV Special Beginners, Judge Keith Groom and 3rd in Brace  Feminine head with good eye and kind

                   expression. Scored in neck with well formed shoulders. Body deep with well sprung ribs. Firm in back with good rear

                   angulation. Tail set correct. Tight feet. Nice bone throughout. Stacked looked balanced and together. Moved out with drive,

                   soundly with good reach. Shown in good coat and condition. Presented well.

                   Kington Open Show, 1st in Post Graduate, Judge Gareth Lawler

                   Birmingham & District Gundog & Terrier Club, 1st in Post Graduate, judge Martyn Rees   Well made bitch who was beautifully presented

                   very clean and balanced outline, feminine head with soft expression, dentition correct, clean and complete, clean muscular neck

                   into well placed shoulders, good width and depth to chest, elbows set close to brisket, strong loin, muscled hindquarters, moved

                   very well.

                   Thame & Oxfordshire County Show, 2nd in Special Yealing, Judge Pat Harris,   Very attractive ob bitch, lovely head and expression,

                   correct front angulation, nice tight feet, good overall body shape, well set on tail. Muscled hindquarters, short hocks. Shown in

                   lovely coat.

BAER Normal   D.O.B. 04/01/18

Please welcome Holly who has taken to showing very quickly.  She is already being placed very well and we are so proud of her.

We also own her mother Victoriaview Primrose, Grandmother Victoriaview Bluebell and Great Grandmother Pewterspeare Piano Rag of Victoriaview


Holly completes the fourth generation in our line, we feel priviledged to have achieved this and feel that we have now achieved what we hoped to do within our lines.  


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