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English Setter Colours

English Setters have a wide variety of colour combinations and colours.

Some you will be familiar with. Some colours such as lemon and liver you wont have seen, unfortunately in the very early days of breeding they were often culled and deemed to be inferior. Lemon is similar to orange but with pink eye rims and nose. Liver is a rich brown coloured 'ticking' with flesh coloured nose and eye rims.

English Setters are usually white with coloured speckles or 'ticking'. The other colours you will know being blue, orange and tri-colour.

The word 'Belton' is brought about from the breeds founder, Edward Laverack, it is the name of the village which he loved to hunt in. The word is used to refer to the speckling or 'ticking'.

Some puppies are born completely white and some are born with patches of colour. It takes several weeks before the colour surfaces. So it is difficult to predict colourings.

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Orange Belton


Blue Belton


Tri coloured