Victoriaview Bluebell





Bluebell's achievements to date

Bluebell's loves the company of our younger dogs. She is full of energy and likes to show off, which makes her a perfect show dog.  We are privileged to have her daughter Victoriaview Primrose  and her granddaughter Victoriaview Hollyhock

She is the image of her mother Pewterspeare Piano Rag, Maisy.



D.O.B 18/07/12               HIPS 3/4

2013         Mid-Western Gundog Society, 3rd in Puppy

                Midland Counties Champ, 2nd in Junior

               Coventry District, 2nd in Junior

2014        Midlands English Setter Association, 3rd in Yearling

               Cheshire County Show, 1st in Graduate, Reserve Best of Breed. Loved her dark mask and coat.  Elegant balanced head, scissor

               bite, dark eye.  Long neck into good shoulders and good length upper arm.  Good spring of rib, level topline and tailset.

               Excellent bone and tight feet.  Silky coat and hard condition.  Moved happily and straight - Rita Aldridge.


Bluebell has had a break from showing as she has had a beautiful litter of puppies.


2015        Taunton & District, 3rd in Graduate, Judge Mr Fred Ellingford (Klugmaus)

               English Setter Association champ show, 3rd in Graduate, Judge Mr A E Swannell (Rickory)

               Three Counties Champ show, 4th in Post Graduate, Judge Mr C A Atkinson

               Southern English Setter show, 1st in Brace, judge Sarah Loakes  Really well matched pair of blue girls, went round the ring really

               well together.

               Exeter & County Cannine Society, 1st in Post Graduate, Best of Breed. Judge Claire Prangle  Prettiest of heads, good ear set

               clean muzzle and a lovely soft & feminine expression from her dark brown oval eyes. Clean neck into a good front assembly

               lovely tight feet, liked the feel to her bone & depth to chest & spring of rib & a bend of stifle, good tail set. Her coat was

               presented in lovely clean full bloom, her head carriage on the move was lovely as was her movement in profile.

               English Setter Society of Wales show, 2nd in Post Graduate, Judge Mrs A Cielecki I Thoughts this bitch displayed great promise.

               Her movement was superb, the most athletic of the day.  Full of spring and drive.

               South Wales Kennel Association, Champ show, 3rd in Post Graduate, Judge Wilma Reid                                                                                                      

               Gundog Society of Wales, Champ show 2nd in Post Graduate, Judge Mrs L Swigciski

               Exonian Canine Association, 3rd in Graduate, Judge Mr Graham Stirk


2016        Worcester & Malvern Canine society, 3rd in Post Graduate, Judge Mr Keith Lewis.

               Exeter & County Canine Society, 3rd in Post Graduate, Judge Gordon Brewer

               Newton Abbot & South Devon, 1st in Post Graduate. sweet head & eye, good neck & shoulders - Rodney Wyatt

               Blackpool Championship Show, 2nd in Brace, Judge Mr Martin Freeman

               Windsor Championship Show, 2nd in Brace, A classy pair in excellent coat with kind expressions lovely size & outline. Moved

               very soundly - Judge Mr Steven Seymour

               Evesham & District, 1st in Open, Reserve Best of Breed, smart bitch of a lovely overall shape.  Lovely femininehead with correct

              oval skull,  expressive eyes of a good colour.  Good depth to chest & well sprung round ribs,  Level topline & correct tailset

              which was held well at all times.  Good turn of stifle & well muscled hindquarters.Judge Kirsty Miller -  

              2nd in Open stakes, Judge Mr B H Hill

              Plymouth & District, 1st in Open, Best of Breed, very sweet head & eye, nice expression, good neck & shoulders, good

              angulations front & rear, nice deep ribcage, lovely topline, good mover - Judge Catherine Pil

              Southampton & District, 2nd in Open, Judge Bob Silence

              Monmouthshire Show, 1st in Open, Best of Breed, Judge Bill Molton Shown in hard condition, well balanced and correct head with

              dark eye, good dentition and correct ear placement and length. Strong neck leading to excellen shoulders, well muscled

              and well laid back.  Deep chest to elbow.  Enough substance throughout, correct topline and strong short loin.  Well

              muscled rear, movement was the best in class. displaying the desired reach and drive for the breed, shown in good coat.

              Sailsbury & South Wilts, 1st in Open, Judge Laurie Hunt,   Feminine head with pleasing eye, clean bite, carried ears low, good

              front with firm backline and body, pleasing depth of chest, good in rear with tail carried well, pleasing bone and tidy feet,

              moved well and with ease.1st in AV Bred By Exhibitor

              Leicester City Canine Society, 1st in Open, judge Martin J Rees

              Gundog Club of North Wales, 2nd in Open - Judge Mr G Hart, 3rd in Open Stakes - Judge Mr Martin Sanders


2017       West of England Ladies Kennel Society Champ, 3rd in Post Graduate, Judge Mrs Janet Richards

              West Country Dog Club, 1st in Open, Best of Breed, Judge Mrs Dale Elliott 'Well constructed blue bitch with the head I like, such a

              soft expression and good eye colour. Good bone, neat feet, good body and topline. Moved well with good tail action.'

              Loughborough & District, 2nd in Open, Judge Graham Hart, 3rd in AV Post Graduate, Judge Sally Pointon

              Monmouth Show, 1st in Open, Best of Breed, Judge Mrs D Roberts.

              Southampton & District, 3rd in Post Graduate, Judge Russell Mosedale.

              Sailsbury & South Wilts, 1st in Post Graduate, Best of Breed, Judge Sue Ross - Attractive mature bitch, beartiful head and

              expression, good neck and shoulders, straight front. Moved well

              Kington show, 3rd in Post Graduate, Judge Tom Graham

2018       Monmounth Show, 2nd in Open, Judge Keith Groom

              Hampshire Gundog Society, 1st in Open, Judge Suzy Roffey

              English Setter Society of Wales, 3rd in Post Graduate, Judge Mrs W Johnston

              Coventry & District Show, 1st in Brace, Judge Ray Mcdonald  Went well together, typey pair

2019       Exeter & County, 1st in Open and Best Of Breed, judge Linda Clayforth  Quality 6 year old bitch. Lovely shaped head, deep chest, level

              topline on move. Reached out effortlessly

              Windsor Gundog Society, 2nd in Open, Judge Hannah Osborne  a really sweet soft expression with dark eyes and low set ears. Well

              balanced with good angulation front and back with tight elbows and feet. Holds an excellent topline with perfect tailset, moved well

              Llanelli & District Society, 1st in Open, Best Of Breed, Judge Mrs V Burke

              South Western Gundog Club, Judge Peter Armstrong, 2nd in Open  Quality bitch. Decent head and expression. Adequate reach of

              neck. Ample bone. Good spring of rib. Excellent angulation both front and rear. Pleasing balanced outline. Moved well. 

              Marlborough & District Canine Society, 3rd In Open, Judge Tania  Gardner

              Christchurch & New Forest, 2nd in Open, Judge Ray Strudwick

              Poole Canine Club, 1st in Post Graduate and Reserve Best of Breed, Judge Mrs J Meekings Strongly built blue belton. Good head and

              expression, well bodied.

              East of England Open Show, 3rd in Post Graduate, Judge Mr Peter Armstrong

              East of England Champ show, 2nd in post Graduate, judge Mr GP Morroll CRUFTS QUALIFIER SHOW DATE 5TH JULY 19

             Sweet feminine head with dark eyes and low set ears. Good bend of stifle. Looked good on the move

              West Country Dog Club, 3rd in Brace, Judge Keith Groom

              Kington Open Show, 3rd in Open, Judge Gareth Lawler

              Birmingham & District Gundog & Terrier Club, 2nd in Open, Judge Martyn Rees Presented a balanced and clean profile when standing

              and presented in good condition.  Of good overall proportions and balanced, typical head and soft expression, correct, clean

              and complete dentition.  Clean neck into good forehand assembly, deep chest, strong loin, muscular hindquarters, moved soundly

              Thame & Oxfordshire County, 2nd in Open, Judge Pat Harris, nicely prportioned bitch, level top line, good bone, nice tight feet.

Bluebell head shot Bluebell Standing

Dyram Diversity of Redhara JW                                                                      

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Pewterspear Piano Rag of Victoriaview                                                                        

BAER Clear Hips 4/5                                                                                                                                                                                      



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